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Lea Hannah

Lea Hannah

Bee Friendly Farming - Farm Technical Liaison Officer

Lea Hannah is a pollination biologist fascinated by all aspects of plant-pollinator interactions and improving biodiversity within both natural and agricultural landscapes. Lea is a PhD candidate at Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at Western Sydney University. The main aim of her research is to quantify the potential benefits of supplementary floral resources on honeybee health.

Lea has extensive experience (2007-2018) as a researcher in the vegetable seed production industry working with honey bees, developing alternative pollinators (native bees and flies) and mechanical pollination systems to improve seed production.

Prior to her PhD, Lea completed an honours degree at Monash University (2017) resulting in two publications: Fly pollination drives convergence of flower coloration 30/08/2021 New Phytologist and Psychophysics of the hoverfly: categorical or continuous color discrimination? 15/03/2019
Current Zoology.