BFF Categories

Bee Friendly Farming Categories

The Bee Friendly Farming program has three distinct categories – CERTIFIED, GARDEN, and PARTNER. These three categories provide avenues for participation for a variety of landscapes and goals. Each category has its own requirements and benefits.

BFF CERTIFIED is most appropriate for farming operations. It is rigorous and requires the most stringent compliance while allowing the use of the BFF logo to those whose diligence is authenticated and rewarded.

BFF GARDEN is designed for home, public, school and community gardens that maintain pollinator habitat and management practices. These categories recognise habitat on the land and the management practices that keep habitat safe and supportive for pollinators.

BFF PARTNER is a designation for members of the community, corporate, individuals and apiarists, who do not necessarily maintain pollinator habitat but wish to support the program. Their financial backing allows for more habitat for pollinators and more support for farm or garden land managers.

How to determine the right BFF category

In order to choose the right category for each member, it is important to recognise the main goals of each. CERTIFIED is designed for large scale commercial farms, orchards, wineries or other land-use businesses that grow food or other resources. This designation gives the land, and product grown on it, the ability to be labelled with the BFF logo on marketing and packaging material. PARTNER is designed for members who want to provide more financial support to the program and gives logo use on promotional materials. For small, non-commercial areas of land, GARDEN is the ideal designation. This category includes GARDEN signage, but does not include logo use rights for products or merchandise.

BFF Membership Fees

Application for each of the three BFF membership categories is made via an online form or by contacting the office directly if you require assistance or have queries. The fees as shown in the table apply.

BFF works to provide resources and engagement with members at minimal cost. By keeping membership fees low, and providing access to free or subsidised trees/seeds,* BFF hopes that members can further enhance the environment to support pollinators. Members can use the money that might have gone into more expensive certification programs to plant more floral resources and habitat for bees and implement new management strategies, or spread the word about pollinator health.

* Grants will be available periodically and subject to terms and conditions.

Membership Category Annual Fee
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