Bee Friendly Farming Garden

Bee Friendly Farming GARDEN

Bee Friendly Farming GARDEN is for home, public, school and community gardeners that maintain pollinator habitat and bee-friendly management practices.

Bee Friendly Farming GARDEN members must offer a diverse and permanent habitat source for pollinators at a scale at or above a small home garden and avoid the use of harmful pesticides on blooming plants.

Membership price

Annual fee of $39 (inc. GST)

Ready to apply

Before proceeding with your application to be BFF GARDEN, please ensure you have downloaded and read the BFF Australia Handbook and checked you have all the required documentation with the Application Checklist.

Bee Friendly Gardening across Australia

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Learn about some of the current research being undertaken studying bees and other insects in gardens, how gardening is important both for the health of biodiversity and our own health, and how to get your garden on board as a Bee Friendly Farming ® GARDEN.

Bee Friendly Farming (Garden)