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Tree Grants can be between $1,000 – $10,000 each. Trees planted at 1000 trees per ha, will result in planted areas between 0.5 -10ha in size.

Tree Grants are available to farm businesses certified with the Bee Friendly Farming program. For more information on how to become Bee Friendly Farming Certified, click here.

The 2021 Tree Grant applications have now closed.

Successful applicants were announced during Australian Pollinator Week. Read More

To be eligible for a 2022 tree grant, landholders must be BFF Certified or have their BFF application submitted for approval by the tree grant application closing date.

Apply for BFF Certified

2024 Tree Grants coming soon

Before applying, please read the Terms & Conditions and the Eligibility Checklist.


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1-2 paragraph overview of farm activities & interest in Bee Friendly Farming
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Project Details

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Using indigenous species to local area.

Starting with site preparation (dd/mm/yyyy)
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Ending with all trees planted (dd/mm/yyyy)
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Describe the area that will you be planting. Why have you selected this area? How will you plant the trees? Who will be involved?
How will you prepare the area for planting? (e.g., weed control, ploughing, ripping, matting, crash-grazing)
Number of hectares

Indicated on aerial image of property.
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    If possible, establish photo points from which to take photos over time.
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      e.g. habitat for birds, and other native animals; food sources for nectar-feeding birds and insects, weed suppression and competition, etc.
      e.g. engagement with local volunteers, clubs, schools, environment groups, farmers.
      e.g. fire, livestock, pests, social conflict, land ownership change, etc.
      e.g. number of stems surviving after 12 months, 2 years, 10 years, photo points, stem diameters, etc.
      e.g. conducting weed control, vermin removal, replacement of dead trees, fencing and livestock exclusion.
      If so, please briefly describe sustainable silviculture practices, including harvesting cycle, thinning and/or coppicing.
      Please outline any past experience you have with tree planting at this property or elsewhere.
      Please outline any other funding sources you have for this tree planting activity. Note: this grant would make a contribution of $1 per tree (AUD).
      Grants will be paid on a per tree planted basis at $1 per tree (AUD).

      Additional supporting material

      eg. Maps, research papers, farm brochures.
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