Case Studies

Bees find support among the almonds

Century Orchards technical manager Gemma Nunn explains how joining the Bee Friendly Farming program has contributed to the sustainability of the farm business, the success of its bees and the confidence of beekeepers.

Honey bees and native bees join forces to boost macadamias

Dr Chris Cannizzaro explains how the Bee Friendly Farming program helps him manage pollination on the 350-hectare macadamia orchard on the PHC Property Trust farm at Bundaberg in Queensland. The farm has a mix of managed bee hives and native bees and Dr Cannizzaro is committed to building pollination efficiency through sustainable, productive ways.

Global food producer leads the way on bees

Samir Mecwan from ofi explains how the Bee Friendly Farming program helps support this global leader in its sustainable farming practices. Each year, ofi brings in 80,000 beehives to pollinate orchards across several properties in Victoria and NSW. Samir and the team ensure the bees are well looked after, with appropriate pollen and nectar resources, along with fresh water and permanent habitat.